The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Boom Boom: Entertainment all round.

 The last two weeks have played host to some spectacular nights in The Old Vic Tunnels at Waterloo for the Boom Boom Club and Boom Boom Lates. I was lucky enough to be taken last night by a friend and what an experience. Honestly, a normal club now just will not suffice.
The evening started with two hilarious hours of performance artists tantalising the audience with songs, theatre, comedy, and driven by an exceptionally dry witted, scathing, and brilliant host: Dusty walking us through the entire show and it's 'disturbed' performers. We demanded, of course, an encore, which we got, and which was utterly superb, even better for being totally improvised, rewarded with a wonderful standing ovasion on the final night.
The accompanying rooms and bars had various individual performances of their own and festival-going like stalls for a bit of further amusement, should you need it, including voodoo fortune-telling.
 Then we danced. And danced. To retro tunes and fresh beats from a remarkable DJ. The dreary atmosphere of the tunnels illuminated with spontaneous lighting put us into a truly underground experience. We only stopped our dancing to run to the stage when a pop-up entertainer would 'pop up'; from fire eating, to burlesque acrobatics - for both the men and females - in the darkened space.
It was a fantastic idea to host this kind of event here, and there is a chance the event will come back later in the year so i will keep you posted. I really hope so myself.

This month's commuter reading.

Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm off to this vintage fair later for a bit of fashion-fun-frivolity!

It's on on the Southbank Centre for a few glorious days and promises to be a delight of vintage stalls, music, atmosphere and inspiration.
The Southbank is a fantastic area in the Summer, do look out for their monthly guide to what's on; from concerts, to shows, to art and exhibitions at The Hayward, to pop up fair's and food market's. It's a great area to hit over the weekend too.

Update: Some quirky pics around the event. Folks dressed from the finest vintage era's, stalls, music, a dance floor ready for the nightime, themed bars and a big red bus, what else do you possibly need?

It is very true.
I love the Southbank.
The renowned photographer Rankin showcases some of his best portraiture for public view.

The Telegraph online: Fashion page has some great photo's from the event (as above and two below) Describing it as a 'retro-inspired, mud free festival', and who wants mud on these frocks?.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Beeeautiful Ted Baker maxi dress and print.

It is Summer; I know that is a little hard to believe this last week or two, but the Maxi is still the essential item this season, and a printed one is even more desirable. With such marvelous femininity we wear girls do wear them, so go ahead and enjoy.
Now, do i actually have an occasion to wear this...

So i went on the hunt to find the finest examples out there, couldn't resist, and these were my favourites:

Whistles all-in-one Junipa suit.

Net-a-porter - I love you! - currently has a maxi special on their online magazine, with super tips and stunning pieces. Yes, ladies it really is time to get the maximum out of that maxi.

Erdem maxi skirt £1,845. Stunning.

Sonia Rykiel. This is so pretty! And always a favourite designer of mine.
Sonia Rykiel:

T-Bags draped dress. £175.

D&G Gloriously girlie.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Winehouse: The voice of a soul

I'm incredibly sad to hear the remarkable singer-songwriter has passed away, and on my birthday, so a date i will not forget. I loved her, my brother loved her, and because of this her outstanding, powerful and soulful voice meant alot to me, and i will miss her music without exception. 

The Observer today quoted her "She was a sweet, tiny thing with this huge great voice" which epitomises her perhaps, perfectly.

The Grammy award winning star simply bordered on the genius to us all; i can only imagine performing at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday party last year in Hyde Park was a highlight of her career, a wonderful highlight, and my thoughts are with her family.

Stylist magazine today has a considered tribute, in pictures, to the singer

Russell Brand in the Guardian with a genuine account of the singer in his eyes, and a beautiful piece.

Off for a post-birthday workout, after all the pink fizz, and tapas at Josè last night. Now that's dedication.

104 Bermondsey Street

And now a Patisserie Valerie Birthday present... Mmm. Delicious.

Thank you!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

'Glamour of the Gods' is divine beauty

I went to see the new Glamour of the Gods exhibition today at The National Portrait Gallery for some vintage Hollywood inspiration, and my did i get it.  

The rooms of ninety portraits of the most iconic stars from the 1920's to the 1960's was a pleasurable flashback to a golden era of style, 'glamour' and, well quite frankly; cool. I fell in love at least three times with the likes of James Dean, Cary Grant and Gary Cooper, looking handsome in the truest, most nostalgic sense of the word. Other more dramatic portraits of familiar faces; such as Charlie Chaplin; were charismatic and simply, charming. Delightful. Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Wells provided for a more dramatic photograph to behold.

Marlon Brando
Gary Cooper

And that's not to mention the women of the silver screen, who have graced our lives with familiar images from their glory days. Engaging with the viewer were Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rodgers, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, I could go on. Ladies then, were breathtakingly beautiful, feminine and demure. 

Absolutely my favourite piece of photography seen today. Marilyn Monroe, 1952
Elizabeth Taylor, 1959.
Rita Hayworth
The exhibition is on until October, and a popular choice for Londoner's and tourist's today it seemed, possibly due the intermittent torrential rain, or inclement weather as the train stations like to inform us of frequently - With an emphasis on not only the star of the shot but the incredible photographers behind the scene - But It is hard to believe these 1920's photos - of some of the greatest captured moments - are very nearly 100 years old. It is quite astonishing the weight and longevity of these iconic people, films and photography throughout the decades since. Even in monochromatic hues, at best: silver screened, the rooms were lit up with the aesthetic, the smart and the glamorous.
Viewing is highly recommended.

National Portrait Gallery:
The Exhibition is accompanied by a magnificent book of all the incredible images. Only £20. 

And a wonderful review in The Observer today by Laura Cummings:

Isn't this stunning? 'Hummingbird' rug by Alexander McQueen.

I saw it in The Observer today and fell in love. Price?... well it's made to order, so i suspect... Immense. But how beautiful would this look in your London home.

I wish!

Available from The Rug Company

Monday, 4 July 2011

ANOTHER day off. So lovely. So sunny! Today: two exhibitions; The Vorticists at Tate Britain then stroll along the river, and Glamour of the Gods, Hollywood Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery, and then the park sunbathing - i have my priorities - after Pulp were unbelieeeevable last night.

Update: I also sneaked in to look at the BP National Portrait of the year 2011 exhibition while i was at the NPG - The Glamour of the Gods show begins on the 7th July as it happens, and looks every bit worth seeing then - and It was very interesting to me, portraiture is not my favourite art form i have to say, but it surprised me. It surpassed any expectations i had.The winner's portrait is exceptional up close and personal. The atmosphere and detail is quite astonishing. 
'Distracted' by Wim Heldens , Winning portrait
It is free admission into the exhibition, so i would recommend seeing it while it is still on public display.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

In Hyde Park allll day today, last day of the Wireless Festival. Pulp are playing later! Awesome stuff. "Do you want to live like common people. Do you want to do whatever common people do??" yes I do'! La la la la...

Update: A few pics from the amazing event. Hyde Park truly is a remarkable outdoor Summer music venue. It becomes so personal, the crowd never fail to be beyond 'up for it' and the result is a momentous occasion. The more in the thick of it, the crowd that is, you can be, the better. Get utterly immersed in the audience, music and atmosphere. I look forward to going every year to something special, and Pulp for me, like Blur in 2009, certainly was that.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Had THE loveliest moment last weekend - while i'm looking up The Vorticist's on Tate's website it has just reminded me - for...

...I got lost in a room with Turner. It really made me smile *sighs all contented* He is such a genius, beautiful.

'Sun Setting over a Lake'
On now at Tate Britain