The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

Monday, 28 March 2011

I literally cannot contain myself. It's only the DVF Vintage Print Collection!

Covering itsy bitsy garments, shorts, hats, wrap jersey dresses - of course - pencil cases, accessories - iPhone covers! - note pads etc... Basically anything and everything you could want printed: is. AND in a - very cool - vintage Diane Von Furstenburg print!

And breathe...

My personal favourite *iPhone cover*... hint, hint... What? It's my birthday in - what - less than four months...

Also note the lack of leather in most items. Wonderful.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oh, I don't mind if I do.

I just received this delightful invitation from 180 Cake and Cocktail Club, from Lily Vanilli. Mmm, mmm, mmm...

Register for membership for such loveliness, email

In Full Bloom, or am i dreaming...?

Captivating... escapism from The Guardian. A photo shoot of floral genius. Lovely and slightly psychedelic. Perfect. We should all exist in this world... Happy weekend, happy Spring.
From top to bottom: Jill Sander roses, D&G hydrangeas, Erdem's falling petals, Philosophy Di Alberrta Ferretti marbling, and Stella McCartney's citrus explosion.

View the Gallery and article on

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Printed Trouser? Well, why not.

I don't mind if i do. I LOVE a printed trouser of late. UK gives us the best 30 out there. 30!? Brilliant. Editor's choice.

Paul&Joe Cat print pants

Milly printed trousers,

Monday, 14 March 2011

St Pancras re-opens it's Renaissance Hotel amongst the decedent and atmosphere of old.

Just take a look over these pictures from the websites online gallery... St Pancras is opening once again and it is its hotel this time. The slightly oddly titled: Renaissance Hotel with its opulent and theatrically alluring bars and restaurants; gives London another work of art to showcase - And it just looks so God damn cool -

The architecture of St Pancras is exceptional: honestly second to none, it is a Gothic masterpiece. I have graced the Champagne bar a few times - not often enough, I haven't skipped across to Europe nearly often enough either, I've just decided - but this is something else. With opening this month: it is surely worth a visit for the emotive experience alone.

I think a cocktail there is fitting. Yes.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A portrait of a model, of controversy: Kate Moss.

Profile and interesting piece by Viv Groskop of The Observer on Kate Moss, until now.

"It helps that there is something of the accidental fairy tale about her story..."

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A perfect cinema experience. Screen On The Green, Angel

If you want an original cinema experience, I recommend this independent films cinema, Screen On The Green in Angel, Islington. 

Watching a film, rolling back on a two seater sofa, footstool propped, with wine in hand: delightful.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Has Paris Fashion Week gone mad???

Paris Fashion week AW11 turned into one big debacle. Once the leading, elitist week of the whole shebang, now potentially a world laughing stock thanks to, firstly: an appearance by Lady Gaga, enter the world’s press. Is Paris that in need of sensationalism? Can we no longer rely on the finesse of the superior designers, the couture shows of the past and present for some divine inspiration. Now we need an appearance by an over dramatic pop star or a YouTube video of the disgrace of a former high end icon: John Galliano, formerly of the house of Dior.  A nation of smokers; is no longer the controversy.
Let’s not forget the absence of Corinne Roitfield on the front row for French Vogue, where was she? It seems she didn’t make an appearance to any shows. Can Emmanuelle Alt fill her shoes with the same presence and drama as Roitfield, but when drama was about art and fashion, not celebrity nor hyped up personal appearances, or unforgivable racist slander. Where has the design gone? Is Paris Fashion Week becoming - and excuse me while I regain myself for this- no longer snobbish but seeking ‘commercial’ notoriety. It appears the explosion of reality TV has hit Paris. What happens off the catwalk is as important now, as on.
Mugler achieved its goal, the catwalk show featuring Lady Gaga had huge press attention, but for what reasons, and to who was this theatre actually for? I admit I remember the show; but I have little recollection of the collection itself. I was unimpressed.
YSL are rumoured to be looking for a new head designer also, it’s like the fall of Rome in Paris lately, pillars of stature falling everywhere around.
Will Conde Nast regain the former prestige or go more commercial under Alt’s easier direction? Can Paris retain its credibly couture design? Or will ‘reality’ stars, like dancing monkeys, become a much needed part of the fashion season now also.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Kinky boots. Or heels...

It's nice to have fun with art and imagery. From the Design Museum, cheekily drawn by fashion illustrator Francois Berthoud.!/designmuseum

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Step up, step up! The new magazine to grace a shelf near you has launched: PonyStep

With the driving inspiration for the mag being genuine talent - be it fashion, photography, actor or musician - the purpose of this new publication promises to give an individual portrayal of a wider contemporary market that does not just follow trends, and regardless of the artistic merit; 'the latest thing'. It is both a refreshing concept with new dynamics, and an original addition to the magazine scene. The first edition titled the 'Inspiration Issue' sees Jerry Hall and Kylie Minogue looking like the striking personalities they truly are. Talents with longevity in the industry.

PonyStep launched two years ago as an online haven, now March 2011 sees its first paper publication released during Paris Fashion week. The magazine, in association with MAC, will be out twice a year giving considered features, and so not just momentary hype. Fantastically credible writers, stylists and photographers from within the industry are part of the team behind the magazine's launch, and from previous London nightclub owner: 'Boombox' and now Editor In Chief of PonyStep, Richard Mortimer.

If you seek an original source of information I highly recommend delving into the pages of PonyStep. I hear word of Janice Dickinson and her honest mouth, transvestite portraiture and humour throughout, coming up.

Heavenly illustrations from Cacharel

Nouveau imagery encompasses the collection and takes center stage at Paris Fashion Week for the ever exceptional: Cacharel.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel I should Coco!

Fabulous. Everything you would want from a perfectly formed, perfectly sized, taster from Chanel for Pre-Fall AW11. The models portray an aphrodite/seductive French beauty... Glamourous and apt to vinatge Coco Chanel.

All the collection at,10001#

Bonjour Paris! Dries rocks the beautiful city of romance

Paris Fashion has begun, forget John Galliano and his stupidty... Dries Van Noten has exhibited ANOTHER magnificent catwalk show for AW11. A Psychadelic, mixed up wonder of print.Take a look and j'adore too...

Vogue Dot com for the entire show...