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Monday, 30 May 2011

Keepsake treasures

Keepsake noun. 
Something kept and treasured or given as a token of friendship or affection...

Keep-Sake is a luxury label whose key philosophy is that fashion should be treasured instead of being forgotten.
Spring Summer 2011 is on the fashion houses website. 
 I was lucky enough to see the collection at the launch party, and the blooming beautiful floral printed silk pieces, like being lost amoungst a meadow of tall wild flowers, still make me smile today... 

Malibu print bomber jacket, £360.00.

Malibu print shorts, £190.00.

With a perfect palette for a sunny day like today...

Lagoon sleevless silk top, £115.00.

Putty sleevless silk top, £115.00.

Tomato silk shorts, £170.00.

 Shop all of the collection online at: 

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Quite simply, the best five iPad app's out there

Being the huge Apple fan I am, I couldn't exist without my iPhone, mainly for the constant Internet resource, but mostly because they are just such superior phones. However the iPad: well, it just tops that doesn't it. 

(Even my mom has an iPad 2. They are incredibly useful and universal)

Here are what I believe, are the best iPad apps currently available.

1. Vanity Fair:
This elite American publication has produced an app that really is a leader in the magazine and media world. VF with it's extensive features, talented writers and journalists, some of the best in the occupation because of the quality and depth the magazine demands, is one app you must download. Being able to stream this instantly - well, i say instantly, it does actually take a little while to download, but it is lengthy - without purchasing the US mag itself, is just brilliant. I would really recommend purchasing the latest edition and getting a coffee, sitting back, and reading some very stimulating pieces...

The navigation of the app is flawless. You glide from left to write, as you would a magazine, and scroll down as your eye line would to read through the article, its very simple and very effective. You can see as much or as little information on the screen as the options allow, where clicking on an accompanying photo to the piece will allow a pop-up, to pop up, to be privy to further information at your request. 

I think it is the format and formula for how magazines, especially monthly magazines who cannot keep up to date with the day to day blogger's, tweeters and constant news feeds which would render the magazine almost already outdated when it's finally published, can thrive in the 'virtual' future of the industry. For these publications that feature lengthy and considered pieces, and not hype, or the latest thing to happen, it is definitely sustainable. 

An incredible magazine at times.

2. Stella's World

The label's app for the iPad is creative and fun. The illustrations by Barry Reigate only add to the buoyancy of the inner world... The app reads like an insight into the mind of Stella and the foresight of the fashion house. It has beautiful classical music accompanying the backdrop of the ethereal first photo shoot you are greeted with, which is an absolute pleasure. Along with a biography of the 'animated' vision of the illustrator Reigate titled 'Dirty Pretty Things' who created the look; an underwear spread to admire; an art feature on 'Land art' photography today; all reading as a possible scrapbook into what Stella likes and is inspired by herself. 

My personal favourite is the kids range. It's beyond humorous and incredibly original, as you see.


3. MoMA

I recently viewed the entire Abstract Expressionist New York exhibition through his app and it was amazing to see. The vast display was there, you can click on any painting, a photo encompassing the whole screen lights up, with further information on the painting on the top left hand side, should you want it.

Of course there is nothing like the real thing, seeing the enormity of the work, the intricacy of the painting up close and personal, but it is a very good second. 

Information on the museum/gallery is available, such as: this is the first museum purpose built to display work from the modern era, in 1929. I also believe if you were in New York currently, about the explore the vast building yourself, the app will give you an accompanying tour of all the collections. How awesome is that?!

4. Mail Online

While I'm not a fan of the paper itself, the layout and navigation of the Mail Online app is definitely the best the newspaper industry has to offer. It is simple, clean, has colour coded thumbnails for the different themes, it downloads, uploads and reads very effortlessly and clutter free. I hope, this is how more of the media outlets will choose to showcase their paper virtually.

The Times is also good, but not as easy or visually cleansing as the Mail Online.

The Huffington Post is not bad idea, and is an up-to-date and current concept, but the pages are very 'busy' and i find this less comfortable to view quickly or with leisure.


 5. Pocket Universe

And finally, a personal favourite of mine. This app is also on the iPhone, but nothing can beat seeing this again on the sizable upgrade of the iPad screen. The aim is to locate yourself, in the universe, and the image of the sky - the night sky option is best - above you will tell you all about what you are able to see - and not - the stars, the rotation, the distance you are from what in space, and it is absolutely astonishing.

I really do recommend downloading this and just viewing at various times, it's really good to be curious. And satisfying to know the answers to things you often fail to look up to even notice transpiring above you...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vivienne Westwood's couture models go mad!

Vivienne Westwood's latest couture show looked more like something out of a tragic opera or theatrical display of being lost in a manic subconsciousness, than a catwalk show. And it was glorious for it! Pale painted geisha like facades, dyed hair high and matted like a woman gone mad, frantic and unstable. I wonder who these women portray? Leopard and animal printed armour-like costumes, torn and ruffled fabric: show Westwood's signature, nod at punk amongst the renaissance, but once again original style, as the iconic exemplar it is.

Stewart Lee: Comedy Genius. Royal Festival Hall 27th May.

He is the epitome of wit, the king of observational comedy; very often thrown back at you as an acute, but ever-the-but-of-the-joke audience member. Stewart Lee kept 2000 people in stitches for three hours last night, myself included, in the fitting backdrop of the RFH on the Southbank centre's finest stage for his 'Stewart Lee In The Complete Vegetable Stew' show.

The audience was mixed: in age and stereotypes; in awe, and not even the fact half the act could have already been seen on Lee's current TV Show stopped the laughs reverberating around the grand room the entire night... If anything, it made you just laugh longer, knowing, anticipating, the punchline coming. He proved he is still the greatest, even adding a guitar, an incredibly talented musician at his side for the ultimate gag and encore, and a song to his well fueled, well delivered, well practised satirical and ironic act. Member's of my circle were sipping whisky from a bottle throughout the show, it was just one of those experiences to get, really, excited about. The final half hour the pinnacle, without doubt.

And if you get the opportunity he is one to see live. Some entertainers just come alive on stage, like Nigel Kennedy and his third arm violin, Derren Brown and his captivating illusions and nature, some people are like kids in a sweet shop, born to be on the stage, a pleasure to see and the excitement of their own shows through. 

Which is wonderful to be in the audience of.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Eat your greens! Yes. But it's so much fun, trust me. It's National Vegetarian Week this week. Let's happily get involved.

From Vegetarian Society Org
A really super, refreshing, energising, we-like-change thing to do.
Immerse yourself in the, current, National Vegetarian Week.

There are so many links to the most delightful recipes, so many veggie restaurants in the city i can recommend you pop along to this week - and always! - so many... well, everything to be quite honest. I could go on, trust me, but as a highlight i was thinking these.

So here are to name but a few.

I found this today in Stylist magazine, a personal favourite of mine right now. How tempting is this...

Pistachio cake with white chocolate frosting

This won the Guardian best recipe from a reader at the end of last year: 
I very luckily had this cooked for me and it is quite something.

Stella McCartney posted this recipe in aid of the national week 

 Which i really must try.

Places to eat in London include Manna, my personal favourite. 

Mildred's. Again if you're in the know, you already know about this place.

Royal Tea's. THE best breakfast in London. 

This cafe in Vauxhall, myself and Time Out - perfect if you want to got to the Tate Britain too - love.

And of course, if you want to be super up on the green world-organic-raw stuff. There is only place to try, the cocktails are exquisite, but the food is rather good too: Saf

But you don't have to go to a veggie restaurant specifically, you can choose all manner of the most delicious things from any good restaurant, I'd even simply recommend the S&M Cafe (Sausage & Mash: let's just be clear) for the vegetarian sausages, or Square Pie for the veg pies etc... etc...

It's a worthy, nice, and simple thing to do to make a change and i think you will enjoy it.  And be very, very, pleasently surprised.

Also... don't forget to buy vegetarian fashion...

And for inspiration...

The labels 'blog' Stella's World is particularly uplifting, insightful and kind.

Bon appetite! And thank you Vegetarian Society

Saturday, 21 May 2011

It was a beautiful day...

Me, her and Greenwich Park: Happiness.

While it is a shame Greenwich Park is currently being taken over in preparation for the Olympics; some event this Summer; I'm not anti Olympics, it's a unique thing; I'm anti-losing-the-most-beautiful-setting, unspoilt, the place certainly does still make me smile...

And all mainly because of this lovely little thing...

It really is worth a visit on a day like today.

The Planetarium is also exceptionally good, very stimulating. And it is London's only one in fact, so quite the treasure. Here is a list of summer events. It makes you really curious, excited even about science (at the very, very least!) 
And so it should.
and coming soon... things like this.

Happy Saturday London!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Want a thrill of a ride? Read on...

The debut book by Tom Wood (my brother!), titled The Hunter has recieved exceptional reviews and has already been out in America, Germany and more.

It's an awesome read, honestly, it's fast paced and keeping me hooked, there is a strong momentum you gain as you read further into the story which is refreshing, and really captivating, superb.

I shan't let any of the book out, as i think the best read is always a wonderful, personal, surprise. But i do highly recommend this.

Purchase below: