The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

City Girl: Handbags And Glad rags. Ladies... What is in your handbag and what does it say about you?

Glad rags?... Yes girls. Well they probably do contain a change of clothes and much more now don't they. Be honest. So what is in your handbag? And what does it say about you.

Ok, so we have these big bags, some may say they are over sized, perhaps a little. But what is the problem? They are clearly necessary aren't they. Are they? We do carry a lot in them everyday. Nevertheless, I'm sure it's all very much needed. Most of the time. Right... 

If I'm honest mine currently contains: Make-up (quite a lot) but it does mean i can redo and get ready anywhere. You never know now do you. A book, thankfully a credible book on Evolution, feel content and intelligent now, thank goodness i don't read Jackie Collins. My gym kit, again brilliant, purse, very essential E45 cream for this inclement Winter weather. A few accessories, yeah maybe i should put those back in the accessories draw now. Organised, and not haphazardly loose lingering at the bottom of this bottomless bag. But, my notepad or two and a pen... perfectly fine. Earphones, gloves, a lot of receipts... yikes. That's not so reassuring, paracetamol, perfume and face wipes (which I'm not entirely sure is actually necessary to carry around). Altogether it does make for a rather heavy bag. Hmm... I wonder what this is telling me?

They are a Pandora's box, or a Mary Poppins bag, however I'm not looking after children or travelling around. Fleeting maybe. So what does this say about us girls? I know we're all the same. Is all this 'stuff' really essential, it feels this way but at the same time i do feel like a baggage detox or cleansing may do me good. Are we simply being neurotic? If i didn't carry all this around with me i wouldn't be able to fidget with it all, frequently. I may even appear more organised, clutter free and breezy too... and this is what we'd all like to portray and aspire to isn't it. Certainly not high maintenance. I had a guy offer on a date once did i want him to carry my bag for me, which surprised and slightly offended me, sexism unnecessary actually. I wondered why on earth I'd need that, but if you are carrying what appears to be luggage in the evening i guess you cannot be surprised at this offer.

They are stylish wonderful things and really compliment an outfit or allow us to always feel prepared and quite assured and secure, which is perhaps the deeper issue. But lets not dwell further on that, although i do believe we would still be and look our fabulous selves without them continually sewn to our being.

So, now lets see what's hot! The must have bag for the season is certainly the Alexa Mulberry Satchel bag, in an amazing array of colours. We can still feel like college like preppiness with this new style and so intellectual as well. So i feel better. Great. Other fantastic styles for the season are the Vivienne Westwood Ebury Bowling bag like carrier in a dream of patent tones. Or the Stella McCartney Technical Taffete Tote. All fantastically 'essential' things, so justified, yes. 

However i may attempt in future to reduce the amount in my bag. I'd like to be a little more refined with it's contents, as i say a 'stuff cleansing' of the soul and bag. It's only a bag after all.

But for the sake of our shoulders, backs and posture lets remember to consider the weight of these wonderfully portable life affirming objects in the future and think less is more...

Eco Go Go
With so many Eco Friendly options out there now, good and wholesome choices can also be made. What our big bags do is certainly reduce the amount of carrier bags needed and subsequently produced. Which is a fantastic thing. Such as these lovely ideas from Love Eco, Take a peek at these delightful carbon footprint reducing bags, accessories and much more.

March 2010