The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

City Girl: Diary Of; Progess. A New Year.

So it's January... 17th. I had to check myself then. This time thing flys by doesn't it. Very efficient. You've probably broken your New Years resolution(s). Made a couple this time for better odds?? I've never understood why people wait until January 1st to do something worthwhile or something good for themselves, but i guess everyone needs a deadline, a bit of pressure, peer pressure is the best I'd say. So to anyone who's friend/member of immediate family/colleague, you like, etc... is giving up smoking, too much drinking or aiming to get fitter, (fitness is key. It grounds you, it gives you good footing and your health is what enables you to fly everyday should you want to take the opportunity too) But to anyone who knows someone who has made a worthwhile New Years resolution, peer pressure is ace. And works. So use it on them, for their own good.

I think there is the opportunity for a little re focusing, a juncture, a port to stop at and reflect where and how life has drifted by, check you're on course, the right notts and co-ordinates. Not driftwood. A determined Sailing Boat at least. So New Year has its opportunities, mine (Resolutions) would be 'work' I know that's considered a frightful one, but I'm proud for it to be, it gives me a pulse.

My brother gave me a piece of advise before i first started work in my early twenties that has thankfully stuck with me, 'work is what you do most of the time, you spend the most time at work- of all the hours in the week and of all you do. You want to be at your best? So be at your best, there'.

Website building it is then, and coming very soon. So 'work'. Wait there's more; 'running' (yes I'm the cliche too. I have the most beautiful park on my doorstep and everyone who runs in it looks like it is the easiest most blissfully euphoric thing in the world to do, they really do, they're like geese, they glide over the ground like they're floating, they're breathing is a faint but successful and elitist depth of exhalation. So yes I'm going to be one of the running club too. It enhances your life, clearly, they look athletic, Adonises, smug and so, fulfilled. I think we're supposed to envy them and aspire to it. That's the point isn't it? Can't be hard... well it is. I've tried it, alot, i must be doing it wrong. Best get help... Note to self)

Also, 'Travel' with definite places in mind which are Florence, New York: MoMA I'm coming for you, Singapore for the night race... surprised i bet, and a snowboard holiday (this could cross the Winter 11/12 border though so not necessarily or strictly contracted to this year) However the postcard white crisp mountains, sunshine and snow contrast, ace looking gear i have to say 'cool as'... and a brand new experience above all else, is making it currently more and more desirable each day. If i could fit in a Safari in Africa or Goa then i will be absolutely giddy. Obviously. Oh and 'own a dog'. You see of all of the resolutions that's the hard one. Owning a dog in London is the real challenge, i have the park all ready for it as i say, I've even been practising dog walking every week. I'm very good at it. But actually having a dog is tricky, i rent, and I'm out the house from 7am till 7pm everyday, at least. Oh and also, Tomatoes, wonderful little bubbles of hidden miracles these tiny plump things are and what they can do for you. Definitely need to eat more Tomatoes.

It puts everything into perspective though these lists and I'm a huge fan of lists, cannot get through the day without them. Job done, yes, tick, move on. It highlights either happily or uncomfortably what are the needs for 'progress', what are aspirations, what are white elephants screaming at you right about now to actually do it this time. And what are dreams and the big inedible pies in the sky. I'm pleased to say none of mine are just dreams or pie in the sky ideals. Perfectly all achievable if i make it happen. I'm beginning to and i have felt this for a couple of years now, that you do as you grow, grow up, experience and gain more life hours, you realise happiness is just a state of mind. It's the only difference between people you know who make stuff happen and are positive, who seek happiness with drive and achieve it through determination and clarity. And people who are unfulfilled and in pause mode.

Happiness is something you can do for yourself. And it's far too simple a solution but if you realise what it is you want, its done. Or if you're lucky enough it's something to be doing. 'Prolonged happiness' you see is even better, everybody likes a goal just in sight but something slightly unreachable, not unreachable forever just motivatingly unable to finish... yet. This to keep working towards, don't peek too soon. You don't want to climax and then its all over now do you. Ladies, no.

So my recommendation for a New Years Resolution is think happiness. Seek it by all means possible. And immediate; Progress. Done, yes, tick, carry on...