The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

Drama Queen

Ever the showman, McQueen's fusion of creative genius, beyond the realm of our imagination, and his exceptional technical skill in tailoring merged beautifully and confidently together to give us one of the greatest British talents.

The incredibly premature loss to the fashion industry of such an individual, an original and eccentric craftsman, a 'hooligan' of trade and the catwalks who will be deeply missed. His legendary and extraordinarily elaborate catwalk shows were second to none, in fact they lead a new generation of creativity, presentation and sheer wonderment for many aspirational fashion designers and students, of which Alexander McQueen himself fiercely embraced in developing new talent.

The immense pressure within the industry for a genius such as McQueen, an infamous genius no less, and within his very own lifetime; an accolade few true artists ever achieve, must have been great. Our greatest wish as humble onlookers can only be that his legacy and passion for flare and bringing design to life, will live on and bring out new and fresh British talent to continue the momentum, vision and life McQueen inspired. This; fashion must demand to continue to inspire and illuminate many, many more seasons to come.

January 2010