The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The BOX Nightclub, Soho. THE Nightclub to go to.

Dita Von Teese first opened our eyes to contemporary cabaret, and now we have the London nightclub to visit at the moment come over from New York City; The BOX

In the heart of Soho you will find the extremes, the diverse and the entertaining. All of which as an abundance of reviews recently have stated, this club epitomises, it really is worthy of a visit. Kate Moss has graced the place and as The Sunday Times states 'It's the most risque nightclub these shores have seen for a while'. And 'It's Friday night and things are steaming up at the hottest burlesque club in London. Fragrant ballerinas - skip nimbly from table to table - Welcome to the Box, the latest New York import that everyone is talking about'...
It is a real stage show, with not only the tantalising burlesque but puppets, acrobats and many more freakish beings. Excellent, I cannot wait.

The Box, 11 Walker’s Court, at Brewer Street, W1F 0ED

Milan Fashion Week: A nice surprise from Emilio Pucci; Elegance...

Aside from the obvious misdemeanor within the collection, which i will no longer acknowledge; as Gucci, the majority of Emilio Pucci's AW11 catwalk collection was absolutely stunning. With a wonderful surprise of lace, print engineering, a considered palette and touch of optimism, Pucci have delivered a key collection for the season with rich tapestry tones and alchemist inspired hues of full length or iridescent pattern. The collection has a stiff upper lip (and collars), high necks, with exposed bosoms. Perfectly humorous and Victorian inspired.


For all the collection.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

MIlan Fashion Week: Hideous! Fraggel Rock fur. Gucci: I can't even see the collection beneath the grotesque.

Watercolour at Tate Britain. Exhibition of the year?

As the reviews indicate, its supreme and schizophrenic. Has the exhibition proved it is not just a quintessential medium? I for one, will certainly be going to see it, to find out. I'm curious and i cannot resist a Turner.

Best lamp ever!

'Pineapple Table Lamp' at Graham & Green...

Also seen in the Stylist

and The Guardian; most wanted pages.

London Fashion Week: Mulberry beauty.

Want. To. Post. Every. Picture. Damn it.

If you haven't already seen it; Mulberry's AW11 catwalk show was enchanting. Glance over these beauties...

Link to catwalk images and overview.,10151#

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Underwhelmed by Aquascutum, utterly enlightened by Erdem...

Highlights from London Fashion Week for AW11.

Aquascutum relied on the most retro ceramic tones of colour blocking to attempt to sway us, a brand so synonymous with colour, sadly failed to deliver a beautiful bouquet of originality, as previously seen through so many seamless seasons of late. I also fear, from the Sesame Street style Muppet hues of long-haired fur gloves accessorising almost every outfit, that we are moving back wards with regards to our vulgar use of fur on the Catwalks.

While Paul Smith recently put out a press statement that fur will no longer grace, or disfigure in my opinion, Paul Smith's collections, elsewhere in Ready To Wear AW11 Fur has simply amplified in luxury usage that is like some show of attempted verbal satire that borders on the ridiculous, this is a step back for the reasons of the humane.

Erdem, however, adorned the models felicitously, beyond prettying exception. The red velvet sea of flora against deep trance-like midnight garden tones, tapestry inspiration, chiffon's, and eerily stunning; captivating, pond-like utter sheer submergence in to the lake; Ophelia depictions and romantic silhouettes. The room was filled with a melancholic ambiance of the orchestral seance. Like poetry in motion, or a dream like state. Here we have a British designer who epitomising the sublime, and a metaphorical stately aura. I was drawn into a subconsciously dark but beautiful world.

More updates and overviews of the best, and the rest from London Fashion Week AW11 to follow...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

LCF: Is that a Banana in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

No, it is definitely a piece of concealed fruit. Yes, the latest fashion trend gaining momentum is a quirky, venturesome - if you have the balls - irrefutably satirical take-on what we had presumed was style. I liken it to a hysterical laughing fit with friends, an in-joke, then, publicly aired completely out of context. That sense of ‘oh no, did I really just…’ The statement is ‘conversational’ fun. SS11 is all about expressing yourself, thinking outside the proverbial box and bearing fruit. Quite literally.

Stella McCartney drizzles us in all things citrus this season, bold lemons and oranges tantalise the taste buds on the porcelain backdrops of overly eccentric and engineered, catwalk dresses. 

Prada unwrapped bananas… I know, bananas. Bazaar. I think sometimes trying to be original can lead to the absurd. But oh did we enjoy it. Muccia Prada herself wore these barmy yellow submarine-come-boomerangs hanging ironically from her ears - like ripened fruit, desperately tempting to pick from the tree with our primate like hands - whilst presenting the winner of The Turner Prize 2010 at the Tate Britain. She really has the ability to not take things too seriously; maybe it was her feelings on the night as a whole, who knows. But as Jessie J sings: "why is everyone so serious?" So lets all act a little more delirious quite frankly, go bananas i say. Enjoy it, its a 'not on your nelly' to the up-tight, restraining expectations of the recession.

A bit 'fruity' is your next trend mission London, should you choose to accept it - "Does this count as one of our five a day?..." I ask behind me.

Fear not we’ve already leap frogged through these ‘crazy’ trends-
• Jill Sander made us colour block from head to toe in neon brights for AW10. Quite a feat I think you’ll agree. 

• We’ve had Stella’s pineapple prints for SS10. Prada gave us fairies in AW10: Enchantingly illustrative, but complete ‘only on the catwalks…’ attire.
• We have wholeheartedly embraced the play suit; the all in one, for Christ’s sake. Did the Seventies not teach us anything?

• And printed trousers. How and when did printed trousers/leggings become so integral to our daily dress codes? How on earth did I ever/ would I cope without them now? It’s not worth the trauma of thought to even consider it.

•Lace, who’d have thought a fabric reminiscent of a doily, could be just so contemporary chic.

(Piece aimed at the daily Metro commuter)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

LCF: 'Commando'. When a picture tells a thousand words.

Photographer David Sims. Paris Vogue, March 2010
Here we have this extraordinary example of the species; you see its proud posture, with masculine exhibitionist connotations. Like a plumped up bird; in its most sexually advantageous and provocative state. Poised, feathers emerging, growing in girth, driven by that: the most primal instinctive urge any species possesses: reproduction. The subject’s obsession is to allure a member of the opposite sex into a helpless state of submission, reminiscent of a Dandy, for the most desired coital state. Albeit, this image eludes us to a fearful realisation, ultimatumatly an instant taking of flight post-coital will occur. Wings are back, poised and ready for immediate aerodynamic airlift; leaving the female waiting for a return, or offspring. 

A narrative of David Attenborough‘s epic proportions, could not evoke a clearer intention of her mood, as her stance in this photograph does. Here the photographer and model are joined in a heightened experience, reverting back to the most basic of primitive instincts and proven Darwinian evolution from our feathered ancestors. The photographer and viewer are merely an audience, willing observers to her suggestively charged, but commanding, theatrical display. The photo screams of Corine Roitfield’s iconic ‘Porno-Chic’; turned peacock.

This Neanderthal, monochromatic, bare chested, overt female dominates the portrait with a pose of a heightened sexual nature. Dirty and dishevelled she depicts bed head connotations. Shadows: appearing as illusive feathers, flaunting from her head; where hair and feathers merge wildly. The lack of colour to the picture encourages the extensive exploration of the contours of her body for mere contrasts of light. A bullet belt acts as a chastity belt to her fertility. Her position and clothing add sexual dominance, yet the appearance of her tied hands and naked breast contrive her vulnerability as the weaker feminine sex. But she is perfectly practised to deceive, parading with fetish play and pert lips as a sexual object of weakness to attract and catch a mate.

 Titled ‘Commando’ she is survival diligent, agile, aggressive and highly desired; a prime specimen of the species for model offspring.

Contemporary social understandings of the term ‘Commando’ are juxtaposed here with the covering of her intimacies, replaced by a narcissistic, nude, upper body only, nipples brazen - which is sadly considered a far less perverse and outrageous ‘front’ today -  as nature intended.